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The Building of Moosemont


This book is the story of how my wife, our children, and I built our dream home in Charleston, West Virginia on top of a mountain overlooking Charleston, the State Capitol, the Kanawha River, and several miles of the Kanawha Valley.

The Building Of Moosemont explains in a step-by-step detailed manner how we built our 8000-square foot home from the initial clearing and site preparation to the final construction of the home, it's 2500-square feet of porches, and our 30 by 50 foot swimming pool located approximately 20 feet from the back side of the house. It not only details what was done, but more importantly explains how we, as a family, completed the work while we lived for three years in a trailer located on the site and how we finished the job during the next five years while we lived in the house. All in all, the huge project required 20 man years of our own personal labor.

During these eight years, there were many funny and fun events that happened. These true stories are detailed in the book, and they demonstrate our family's tenacious ability to maintain our sense of humor through the hard work and to fully appreciate our beautiful environment and the wildlife that lived there.

Without our reliance on our strong character as a family, we could not have completed this difficult and challenging project. Throughout the story, I describe and illustrate how our own individual and group self-reliance helped us to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that we confronted during our long eight-year project.

This story reinforces the principle that anything can be accomplished as long as we put our heart and mind to the task. Also, it shows how much more we appreciated the completion of a task when it was both challenging and difficult. I feel this book is significant because it is both motivational and informational. Since it fully describes how we built our house, it provides a useful and interesting roadmap for anyone who is interested in building a home either through their own efforts or the works of various contractors. Also, the humor throughout the book keeps the story interesting.

This book has not only been written, it has also been copywritten, published, and is print-ready.  

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