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Dad, The Honest Scrap, and Me

Dad, The Honest Scrap, and Me is the story of my childhood told from the time of my first memory until the start of my manhood, which I arbitrarily determined to occur at a point during my sophomore year in college. This end of my childhood is based on an emotional milestone in my life that I fully explain in the book.

While Dad was alive during the first 29 years of my life, he certainly was, and still is for that matter, the most honest and decent man I have ever known. More importantly, his impact on me as a child was so profound that I did not realize the full extent of his influence until recently. For years, I thought my Mother was the most influential person during my childhood, but during the preparation of this book, I discovered that it was really my father, “Dad”, who influenced me the most, especially with regard to my character development.

“The Honest Scrap” was the name of my father's homemade houseboat that he designed, helped build, and operated on the Kanawha River for about 15 years. “The Honest Scrap”, represented to me the good times I had on the Kanawha River including my first test swim across the river, my sixteen mile rowing trips in our skiffs, my boat building projects, and our hundred-mile waterskiing and overnight camping trips.

Of course, the “Me” in the title represents me and my childhood story. Most of this book describes how I interacted with my environment as a growing child. Consequently, Dad, the Honest Scrap, and Me is based on my own personal and true descriptions of the experiences I had during this early period of my life.

In addition, the book has many true funny stories about my family, our friends, and me. Most of the events took place during the late 1940s and the 1950s. The people involved included mostly our family and our neighborhood friends. We had lots of activity among our family members since I had three large energetic brothers and one lively sister. Some of the activities that are described include our drinking large amounts of milk, our Kanawha River activities, our building two-story tree houses, our Boy Scout Camp outings, and our Lewisburg summer vacations.

Finally, this book explains many of my childhood experiences that I feel helped me with my own childhood character development. In addition, my memories of these personal childhood experiences have helped Sandy and me guide the development of our own children's character and furthermore have even impacted on my character as an adult.

This book has been copywritten, published, and is ready for printing.

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